Mitigation Measures: Sound Investments in Disaster Recovery



Other Programs

PDM and RFC funds are made available through congressional appropriation. Both are nationally competitive programs that are open annually for a limited period of time.

PDM grants provide funds for hazard mitigation planning and implementation of mitigation projects prior to disaster events.

To apply for a PDM planning grant, an applicant must be at the basic level of preparedness in emergency management planning. To submit a PDM project application, applicants must have a FEMA-approved MAP. PDM projects located within a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) are eligible only if the jurisdiction where the project is located is participating in the National Flood Insurance Program. No NFIP participation is required for PDM planning applications or projects located outside of the SFHAs.

The RFC program is authorized by the Flood Insurance ReformAct of 2004. It is an annual program that provides a means to fund residential flood mitigation projects.

Under RFC eligibility requirements applicants are not required to have a FEMA-approved MAP and do not have to be at the basic level of preparedness in their emergency management plan, as is normally the case for mitigation grants. Eligible properties must have flood insurance in place at the time of the application and have had at least one claim against their insurance. Flood insurance must be maintained at least through completion of the mitigation activity.

The RFC program provides funding to states and jurisdictions to reduce or eliminate the long-term risk of flood damage to structures insured under the NFIP which have had one or more claims for flood damage but cannot meet the requirements of the FMA program because of their cost share or their capacity to manage activities.

The PDM and RFC programs are (reimbursable) cost- share grant programs and require a commitment of local funds amounting to, in most cases, at least 25 percent of the total project cost. FEMA reimburses up to 75 percent of the total project cost; however, under certain (unique) circumstances, cost shares can be elevated up to 90 percent for the PDM and 100 percent for the RFC.

Typical application cycle for the PDM, FMA, RFC and SRL:

2 Guidance Release June

Application Period June – December

FEMA Eligibility and Completeness Review December – January

National Evaluation & Technical Review January – March

Identification for Further Review March

“In general, vulnerability assessments estimate the potential dollar losses to identified facilities, analyze development trends and provide general descriptions of land uses. Analyzing development trends within a community can identify mitigation options which can be considered in future land use decisions.”