Mitigation Measures: Sound Investments in Disaster Recovery



Seek Professional Assistance

The addition of professional experts, consultants and engineers to the planning team can be very valuable. Emergency management and disaster recovery consultants are available to provide advice and assistance from conception to completion.

Take Advantage of Training Opportunities

Few educational opportunities exist for planning processes, although certain disaster recovery consultants offer a wide range of seminars, workshops and training exercises to aid in the plan development. Additionally, provides a planning aid and publication 386-1 as a resource to get started.

With the approved plan complete, jurisdictions now have the opportunity to avail themselves of numerous programs (found in Section 404 of the Robert T. Stafford Act) which will assist in funding mitigation measures, including: the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP), the Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant Program (PDM), the Repetitive Flood Claims Program (RFC) and the Flood Mitigation Assistance Program (FMA). The table below represents eligible projects by grant program.

How the 404 Program Actually Works

HMGP project applications are competitive and those (eligible) projects that are specifically identified in the sub- grantee’s MAPwill have the best chance of selection.

The HMGP is funded by FEMA and administered by the state. It is not a disaster relief program for individual disaster victims or a recovery program that funds repairs...



1. Mitigation Projects X X X X X

Property Acquisition & Demo X X X X X

Property Acquisition & Relocation X X X X X

Structure Elevation X X X X X

Mitigation Reconstruction X

Dry Floodproofing Historic Residental Structures X X X X X

Dry Floodproofing of Non-Residential Structures X X X X

Minor Localized Flood Reduction Projects X X X X X

Structural Retrofitting of Existing Buildings X X

Non-Structural Retrofitting of Existing Buildings X X

Safe Room Construction X X

Infrastructure Retrofit X X

Soil Stabilization X X

Wildfire Mitigation X X

5% Initiative Projects X

2. Hazard Mitigation Planning X X X
3. Management Costs X X X X X