Loss Measurement



...documentation. In extraordinary cases, a modeling system may need to be used.

When developing inventories from memory, solicit help from those most familiar with the area. An assistant may have a better idea of an office’s contents than the supervisor who occupies it.

In addition, organizations must also track items taken from stock being used during the recovery. Again an inventory control system is the recommended approach, but at the very least a day-to- day logging system should be implemented.

Regardless of how the inventory is generated, at a minimum it should contain:

When pricing equipment and inventory/supply losses, attach any available data such as:

Blanket Policy

While not directly reimbursable from FEMA, business interruption insurance plays a very important role in an organization’s financial recovery and in any FEMA reimbursement calculation.

If an insurance recovery includes reimbursement for lost revenues under a blanket policy, e.g. lost revenues for a damaged municipal parking garage that is damaged; then the amount paid for the lost...

With regards to property and equipment losses, both FEMA and your insurer will want to know what was lost, when was it purchased, for how much, and today’s current replacement cost.