Floodplain Management: Sound Techniques to Improve Your Recovery



...a 60-day notice in the form of a press release to local media.

If the community fails to take remedial measures during the probationary period, the Regional Director may recommend suspension from the NFIP. A community may also be reinstated on probationary status after having been suspended. 8

While these penalties are designed to accommodate dedicated use of floodplain management techniques, they also serve to meet one of FEMA’s own criteria for codes and standards: enforceability. Not only are floodplain management codes and standards not optional, they are enforceable by the same agency that may eventually aid in their implementation as part of a flood- related Public Assistance recovery.

To obtain continually updated information about maintaining and applying proper floodplain management practices, please visit www.floodsmart.gov . 8 www.fema.gov.

In short, floodplain management requirements are to be treated as any other applicable code or standard. To support an applicant’s position to FEMA, it is recommended that the architects and engineers (or contractors) fully understand floodplain management and its effect on building repairs or replacements.