Develop a Funding Approach



Issue 6

Develop a Funding Approach

A four-step evaluation process to set the course of project funding

By Jeff Shaw

We have reached the critical middle ground in Disaster Recovery Today’s presentation of guidelines for effective management of the FEMA grants process. All the care and accuracy necessary to measure, document, and represent the project plan—which were covered in previous issues—will become a quantitative road map for the final stages of the recovery process. We are now ready to develop the funding approach.

The process requires the same diligence, project management and communication with state and FEMA authorities to properly evaluate every opportunity available for your recovery plan. Outlined in four steps, our funding approach will develop an...


In Issue No. 6 of Disaster Recovery Today , we continue the outline of a nine- step process of FEMA grant management developed by our disaster consulting team at Adjusters International.

We take the decision-making process for disaster rebuilding to the next step with a discussion of what to consider when developing a funding approach. Issue No. 5 defined the three categories of a rebuilding plan. Now we explain how to determine the amount of funding available, and the FEMA requirements that will impact the funding for your project.

— Sheila E. Salvatore, Editor