Determining Eligibility: Methods for Presenting Disaster-Related Costs to FEMA to Obtain Eligibility


...did cannot be reimbursed. While denial of payment by itself is not a basis for requesting Public Assistance from FEMA, if there is an emergency need FEMA may consider assistance for unreimbursed emergency work that has been done or paid for by the Subrecipient. If the work is not emergency work, it is not eligible for Public Assistance.

The following are federal agencies that often have authority to provide disaster assistance:

Once the above factors are addressed satisfactorily, FEMA will determine whether the facility was being actively used and for what purpose. If the facility was abandoned, and there were not formal plans for its renovation and use, they will likely determine the facility ineligible. Also, if the facility was being utilized for purposes other than its intended use, FEMA will only provide...