Completion, Inspection and Audit



This information does not have to be moved into a central filing system. Pieces can remain in spe- cific departments, according to the organization’s procedures.

Once the applicant has determined how to organize its files, it should designate a person to be respon- sible for administering the files.

Tip #3: Keep a Project Narrative

Prepare a timeline or narrative at project inception that succinctly describes the project from start to finish. Remember an auditor is not an engineer, project manager or building specialist. An auditor is geared toward a review of final numbers, not the repairs generat- ing the numbers. The auditor’s task is to justify those numbers in relationship to the eligible work.

The project narrative also provides a basis for those staff members faced with defending the project to the auditors, especially for those who were hired after the event and the project work took place.

Tip #4: Organize Records According to Project Worksheet

Summaries of eligible costs should be prepared for each PW. The categories included on the cost...

Invoices (Sample 2)

Rental Equipment

Rental equipment invoices should include:


Materials invoices should include:


Timecard invoices should include:

Equipment Usage

Equipment usage logs should include:

Contracted Work

Contracted work invoices should include: