Categorizing Losses


...repairs, however, the funding provided will be limited to the cost of replacement.

Road Repairs

On gravel roads, the base need not be damaged to be eligible for major gravel replacement. Loss of gravel must be evident. Potholes and rutted surfaces must be shown to be a result of the disaster event.


Loss of paved surface is eligible. Alligatored surface is generally a sign of normal deterioration and is not eligible, unless shown to be exclusively disaster- related.


Bridge and road standards that have been formally adopted and are in practice, or adopted and placed in effect prior to the date of the disaster declaration, are eligible. The standards must apply to work accomplished using all sources of funds, and not limited to work receiving state and/or federal aid. A copy of standards and council meeting minutes approving the standards should be maintained in the permanent Subrecipient file.

On-System Facilities

Facilities funded by other Federal agencies, such as the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), are not eligible for permanent repair. Emergency measures are eligible on Federal aid roads except where the Emergency Relief (ER) Program of the FHWA is activated. For further particulars, see the FEMA Public Assistance Program and Policy Guide (PAPPG).

Scheduled Replacement

Facilities are not eligible if scheduled for replacement within the next 12 months using Federal funds.

As stated above, permanent repairs are not eligible on FHWA funded roadways. That being said, a Subrecipient may still do what is necessary to make the roadways safe and passable, however, the FHWA requires prior approval before permanent repairs. For the FHWA’s ER Program to be activated, a state must have amassed extraordinary costs per the following: “Although there is no nationwide definitive monetary break point between what is considered routine and extraordinary repair expenses the FHWA has determined that eligible ER repair activities in a state in the range of $700,000 (Federal share) or more are usually significant enough to justify approval of ER funds.” 3

If the ER Program is activated, the Subrecipient will need to segregate all activities, including emergency work,...

3 Emergency Relief Manual (Federal Aid Highways) Interim Update, August 2003.