Valuable Papers and Records Coverage

ADJUSTERSINTERNATIONAL.COM 7 Accounts Receivable Insurance: Companion Coverage Expanded in Scope Insurance for accounts receivable has long been considered a companion coverage to that for valuable papers and records. After all, what more valuable records can an organization have than those detailing what it is owed? If large enough in dollar volume, the exposure would surely warrant a separate limit, undiluted by coverage for reconstructing other records. The nature of the risk has changed considerably in the age of networked information, however. In contrast to contracts, deeds and other documents developed before the computer age, accounts receivable records are, almost by definition, current. It’s hard to imagine any organization today not saving them in electronic form, thus making them potentially subject to the coverage for electronic data that has been split off from the coverage for valuable papers and records (see main article). Moreover, many standard and proprietary commercial property forms now include built-in or optional coverage under its own limit for losses to accounts receivable.