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As a trusted advisor to the property owner, we understand that you are representing his or her interests to fully recover. We can help!

Following a devastating event, such as a fire, earthquake, flood, or hurricane — or even a machinery breakdown affecting production — you naturally want to do what’s best for the property owner or homeowners' association. Such claims, especially business interruption, can require coordination with you. Your management role and providing the documentation for the insured claim will be critical to the owner’s final claim settlement, recovery, and complete, correct restoration of the property.

Consider Adding Us To Your Team.

With decades of experience handling thousands of property and business interruption claims, our public adjusters have the unmatched professional resources to efficiently move through the complex insurance claim process to obtain a maximum claim recovery for your property owner.

Why Partner With Adjusters International?

  • Many insurance companies use the same experts – forensic accounting firms, construction cost estimators, attorneys – to represent their interests. We know how they work. We know what they will require to verify the claim. We have the experience working with many of them on behalf of many other clients so that we are prepared to advocate vigorously for your client.
  • We work with you and your client to develop an integrated strategy that aligns with your client’s long-term goals. We can weigh various alternatives: Selling? Retiring? Upgrading? Building differently? How do these conversations change the insurance company’s position? We are the professionals who can help evaluate the effect of the various options.
  • Providing financials, information, and projections without a strategy can be devastating. We know what is required, and when and how to present it.
  • We are proactive. We prepare and present a detailed claim to the insured. We do not submit raw data and wait for an offer and then react.
  • We work with you. Alongside you. We collaborate together and work together in the best interest of the client.
  • We roll up our sleeves to get the work started immediately. Our team consists of adjusters, forensic accountants, estimators, and inventory and machinery specialists.
  • We are fluent in integrating financial language and insurance language. We are a trusted resource for day to day questions regarding claims and coverages. We have a unique perspective.
  • Before a claim, we offer stewardship meetings with you and your clients. With our decades of experience, we review their property portfolios and share suggestions as to how to assure a full recovery. We know how the policies are applied and results in the real world.
  • Our history supports our claim that we generate larger settlements. A larger settlement means more funds available for reconstruction.
  • We respect relationships you have with other vendors. We do not impact those relationships.

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