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Present the right solution to safeguard your clients against financial risk after a devastating event.

In the wake of devastating property damage, your clients may look to you for advice. As their trusted financial advisor, you know how important a fast and full insurance payout is to their financial future. Unfortunately, the insurance claim process is complex and difficult to navigate—especially for commercial property damage—and the odds are not in your clients’ favor. Having key connections during this critical time can make all the difference for you, and your clients. Refer them to experts who can handle their claim, start to finish, to speed up the process and put their insurance policy to work for them.

That’s where we come in.

Our Public Adjusters are licensed to exclusively represent the insured, your client, during the insurance claim process to ensure a fair and just settlement. We prepare, package and present a detailed claim package and negotiate for the maximum amount. With decades of experience handling thousands of property and business interruption claims, our team has the unmatched resources to get your clients the money they’re entitled to.

Why Adjusters International?

Our public adjusters roll up their sleeves to get you more sooner.

  • Review & Educate
    Review your clients’ insurance policy, explain available options, and help them understand their time sensitive responsibilities to ensure their claim is not denied.
  • Minimize Risk
    Safeguard against financial harm by determining a path to get your clients’ business or property up and running fast, minimize business interruption, and ensure continued revenue.
  • Investigate, Research & Document
    Prepare a well-documented repair cost estimate including destroyed contents to ensure all losses are recouped.
  • Present & Support
    Present and support a detailed itemized claim package to your clients’ insurance company to negotiate and expedite the maximum payout.
  • Coordinate
    Coordinate all inspections and meetings with the insurance company representatives, including their outside consultants to save time and ease stress.
  • Strengthen
    Strengthen your client relationships and build new connections.

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