Reader Demand for Adjusting Today Prompts Republication

For almost 25 years Adjusters International has published Adjusting Today, featuring technical articles on property insurance coverages and issues. The popularity of this free publication is stronger than ever, with increased reader demands for new editions as well as those issues in circulation. When each edition is republished, the content is updated, at times bringing a new perspective on points addressed. To keep our online and hardcopy inventories current, Adjusters International has recently republished two of our back editions.

Just off the press is "Valuing Business Income Exposures: A Case for Blanket Business Income Insurance" and companion article "Determining Insurable Business Income Values: Establishing Potential Exposures - Do a Worst-Case Scenario" by veteran Senior Professional Public Adjuster Randy H. Goodman, SPPA. This article takes an informative look at blanket business income insurance, using examples to point out how and why this coverage is too frequently overlooked by even experienced insurance brokers, buyers and risk managers—and how it was a lifesaver to one business that had the right program in place.

Also available is "Overhead & Profit: Its Place in a Property Insurance Claim" by attorney and first-party property insurance expert Edward Eshoo Jr. This issue of Adjusting Today takes on those insurers that "...withhold, exclude, deduct or fail to include the costs of general contractor overhead and profit, GCO&P, in their calculation of the repair or replacement cost... ."

Subscriptions to Adjusting Today are available in hardcopy format, electronic format, or both.