New Edition of Insights for Your Industry™ – “Disaster Preparedness - Why Hotels Need to be Ready”

Disaster Preparedness - Why Hotels Need to be Ready

This issue of Insights for Your Industry™,  "Disaster Preparedness - Why Hotels Need to be Ready" explores the key ingredients in planning and assessing a disaster program for hotels. Hotels today are susceptible to loss exposures such as terrorist threats, flooding, chemical spills, riot and civil commotion, earthquakes, fires, and more. This article lists basic considerations concerning disaster planning and preparedness for hotel management, and how to assess whether your hotel is on the right track.

If you own, manage, or work in the hotel industry, this is a must read! Click here to view this article in its entirety and download your copy for free. To view our entire Insights for Your Industry™ archive, click here – this publication series consists of topics pertinent to hoteliers, restaurateurs, and landlords.