Educational Contest to Inspire the Youth of Arizona

The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International, supported by the Arizona Fire Chiefs Association, is sponsoring a contest open to family members of Arizona firefighters or Fire Service members. The "Inspire the Youth" Contest is worth $10,000, to fund post-high school education in any chosen subject area, with a top prize of $7,500, with five $500 runner-up prizes.

The initiative is a first for the Scottsdale, AZ, loss adjusting firm, and represents another link in the growing relationship between The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International and the Arizona Fire Service, a partnership with has been developing over a number of years. Greenspan/AI was delighted when the Arizona Fire Chiefs Association agreed to endorse its proposal for a Fire Service Educational Contest, which aims to raise the profile of the role of the fire services in our communities.

Because members of our fire services are known generically as firefighters, the impressive scope of capabilities and competence demanded of each one is often overlooked. Their expertise and dedication enable us to carry on with our daily lives, safe in the knowledge that a team will be on the scene within the shortest space of time possible to deal with either natural or man-made disasters — floods, hurricanes earthquakes, terrorist attacks, weather-related incidents or vehicle accidents. The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International proposed a contest for an educational award for members of the fire service or their immediate family, not only as an acknowledgement of the role of the service in the lives of the people of Arizona, but also in recognition of the fact that the economic climate is putting the funding of further education beyond the reach of many families today.

"We proposed this contest in appreciation of the contribution of the Arizona Fire Chiefs Association and the Arizona Fire Service to their local communities every day," says Steve P. Severaid, S.P.P.A. Principal with The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International. "We greatly respect their dedication, and offer this educational award in support of their hard work."

"Inspire the Youth" will be launched on May 1st, and will run to June 22nd, 2012. It is open to US residents who are at least 16 years old at the start date of the contest and who plan on attending a post-high school education, during 2012 or 2013, at an institution such as a community college, university, or vocational school. They must be related to an Arizona firefighter or Arizona Fire Service employee.

The contest will be conducted in two phases. Contestants will firstly be asked to submit a video of one minute's duration, describing the difference that this award would make to their life. They will be encouraged to make their presentation as entertaining, creative and amusing as they wish. The videos will initially be screened and judged by the sponsors, then by an online public vote, and the recipients of the 10 highest scores will advance to phase two. These 10 semi-finalists will then be asked to prepare an essay of 200 words, which will be submitted to a qualified panel of judges. The submission which receives the highest score will be the winner of the $7,500 grand prize. There will be 5 second-place prizes of $500 each.

Gary Hatch, President of the Arizona Fire Chiefs Association, is delighted to be partnering Greenspan/AI in this initiative. "During our association with The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International over the past years, they've become a real partner in our mission to help the Arizona Fire Service and to help the residents of the state of Arizona. Education is key to success in the workplace," he added, "and $10,000 through the 'Inspire the Youth' educational contest will help make dreams or plans an actual reality."

For more information, or to participate, please visit: www.facebook.com/greenspanai.