Disaster Recovery Today to be added to Davis Library at St. John's University

Supplemental Funding SourcesWe are delighted to announce Adjusters International's publication, Disaster Recovery Today is being added to the library of St. John’s University. Based in Manhattan, New York, Davis Library will now include our editions in their collection of historical and archival insurance periodicals which are available on-site and online. 

I’m pleased to have Disaster Recovery Today included in the library at St. John’s University. Our authors work diligently on our articles and we’re hopeful that the patrons of Davis Library find our material to be useful reference material.

- Sheila Salvatore, Editor

Disaster Recovery Today is a free, educational publication provided by Adjusters International. Its articles are written by specialists in the Disaster Recovery Consulting industries and experts in FEMA's Public Assistance (PA) Program. Past publication topics have included: Supplemental Funding Sources in Community Recovery, Water Damage, Proper Debris Management, Rebuilding Under the FEMA PA Program, Developing a Funding Approach, and more. 

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