Daylight Savings Tips & Tricks

DaylightSavingsNovember 1st, this Sunday, is Daylight Savings - don't forget to turn your clock back one hour at approximately 2am (and enjoy that extra hour of sleep)!

While most of us have technology (cell phones, laptops, computers, tablets) that will automatically update to the correct time - there are still devices to reset manually such as the standard clocks in your home, car, etc.

Daylight Savings is also a great reminder to:

  • Check your fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
    • If any are not functioning, try replacing the old batteries with new ones
    • If the batteries are not the problem, replace the alarm or detector completely by purchasing a new one
  • Update your evacuation plan
    • Revisit your fire escape plan and be sure it is up to date
    • Account for any changes in layout of your property, additional roommates, family members, etc.
  • Check each room in your property and be sure all exits are clear and free of debris

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