Brand New Insights for Your Industry™ – Restaurants Edition!

Restaurant Insurance Needs“Two Occasionally Overlooked Insurance Needs of Restaurants” discusses two important  insurance coverages needed by restaurants, which include:

  • Equipment Breakdown Insurance: “Covers the insured for loss by accidents caused by the breakdown of mechanical, electrical, and production equipment, as well as explosions of steam boilers.”
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPL): “Provides coverage for claims made against a business by employees as a result of wrongful employment practices including: wrongful termination; unlawful discrimination by race, gender, or age; sexual harassment; retaliation; employment-related defamation; and personal injury caused by infliction of emotional distress and humiliation, to name several.”

Find out more about these two coverages, how to obtain them, and what requirements need to be met by visiting the article here.

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