AI's Raab Offers Disaster Planning Expertise

In an increasingly global economy, businesses not only have to be prepared for disasters that might hit their properties, but also the locations of their suppliers and their customers. With several large-scale natural disasters making headlines over the past few years, a growing number of business owners are focusing on pre-disaster planning.

Greg Raab, Manager of Integrated Services at Adjusters International, recently spoke with ThomasNet News about the various resources available to manufacturers to help them prepare for a disaster. As a licensed public adjuster, Raab pulled from his many years of experience working with difficult and complex insurance claims to address this topic. "Using Trade Associations and Expert Consultants in Disaster Planning and Recovery" contains several tips on what a company can do—before disaster strikes—to protect their business, including the following advice from Raab:

..."What we find from a post-disaster insurance adjusting perspective is that the firms that planned for 'off-premises' disasters were in a much stronger position," he noted. "Completing an off-site vulnerability analysis can potentially protect a manufacturer from a disaster that affects major suppliers, customers, etc. There are many examples of firms that have run into financial trouble when a tsunami or flood wiped out an overseas plant that was instrumental to the firm's supply chain."...

While geared specifically to manufacturers, the article has many points that are applicable across other industries. To read "Using Trade Associations and Expert Consultants in Disaster Planning and Recovery," or any of the other articles in their Expert's Corner series on disaster recovery, please visit the ThomasNet website.