Adjusters International's Raab featured on MSNBC and CBS MoneyWatch

Following a series of natural disasters that have struck the United States, an increased number of property owners are filing property damage claims with their insurance companies—and are finding out that not all polices are created equal. As a result, many property owners are looking for reliable information regarding recourses available to them to dispute an insufficient insurance settlement.

Greg Raab, Manager of Integrated Services at Adjusters International, recently spoke with the Associated Press about the role of a public adjuster in the property insurance claim dispute process. As a licensed public adjuster, Raab references his many years of experience working with difficult and complex insurance claims to address this topic.

"Usually the process and the negotiations between public adjusters and insurance company adjusters are much more cooperative than they are adversarial," Raab said. "Usually, compromise can happen."

In his experience, Raab said the differences between the two sides are not that great. "Normally, something is damaged or it's not damaged," he said. "I've never walked into a situation where I've seen a dispute that I didn't think could be solved."

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