Adjusters International Corporate Office Wears Blue Jeans to Support Babies Every Friday!

At Adjusters International, we believe in giving back to local causes and organizations. Our Controller, Maria Suppa brought a great opportunity for outreach to our attention regarding the Faxton-St. Luke's Foundation, and the fundraising efforts being undertaken by this organization to purchase a travel incubator for a local hospital.

Last year, Maria's twins, Mary and Anna, were born prematurely at 28 weeks (12 weeks early) in Syracuse, NY's Crouse Hospital. The Crouse Hospital has a Level 3 NICU, meaning it is able to care for very critical babies. So although it was not the closest hospital in proximity, it was the best fit for her daughters at the time. After a few weeks, Anna had gained enough strength to be released was able to be transported home by her parents, while Mary was to be transported to a hospital closer to home — Faxton-St. Luke's Hospital located in Utica, NY. Mary needed to be transported from hospital to hospital in a travel incubator via ambulance which had to come from Faxton-St. Luke's.

Due to the shortage of travel incubators available at Faxton-St. Luke's, it took three separate attempts to get the logistics straight so that Mary was able to make her journey from Syracuse to Utica, making it easier for Maria to visit her while taking care of Anna at home.

Mary and Anna proudly wearing their blue jeans for babiesMary and Anna proudly wearing their blue jeans for babies!

To help families like Maria's, the Faxton-St. Luke’s Foundation is raising funds to purchase a new life-saving travel incubator. Due to the donations made by Adjusters International staff, we were able to contribute more than $3,000 to the foundation to help them towards their fundraising goal of $42,000. In appreciation of the generosity of our staff, our President and CEO Ron Cuccaro made the decision that all those who donated could opt in to wear blue jeans to support babies every Friday. So if you are ever in our office on a Friday, please excuse our appearance, it is for an amazing cause!